Legal Outsourcing

Attorney Kyle Bristow accepts legal research and writing assignments from attorneys throughout the United States.

Kyle Bristow keeps overhead to an absolute minimum, which permits this form of legal outsourcing to be both efficient and beneficial:  the principal law firm saves time and energy and reduces their expenses by outsourcing their legal work, and through the outsourcing arrangement the principal law firm's client's litigation costs are minimized.

Writing samples produced by Attorney Kyle Bristow, his academic transcripts, and his résumé are available to law firms upon request.

If you are a lawyer with a busy workload, you may be interested in outsourcing these legal assignments:
  • Legal research
  • Document drafting, which includes memorandums of law, motions, appeals, and amicus curiae briefs to state and federal trial, appellate, and supreme courts
  • Document review

Attorney Kyle Bristow has much experience doing work for other lawyers; he has done legal research and drafted legal documents for lawyers located in Ohio, Michigan, California, Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

LexisNexis seminars Mr. Bristow has attended include:

  • LexisNexis Advance Training (September 2011)
  • Professional Skills Certification (March 2012 and April 2011)
  • Cost-Effective Research Training (March 2010)
  • LexisNexis Certification (November 2009)
Westlaw seminars Mr. Bristow has attended include:
  • WestlawNext Research More Productively Certification (October 2011)
  • WestlawNext Research More Efficiently Certification (September 2011)
  • Advance Certification in WestlawNext Secondary Sources and Case Law (September 2011)
  • Advance Certification in WestlawNext Statutes and Regulations (September 2011)
  • Advance Certification in Westlaw Cases, Statutes, and Secondary Sources (February 2010)
So as to keep research costs down, Mr. Bristow conducts his legal research through Casemaker.  For purposes of Michigan law, he has an extensive library of The Institute of Continuing Legal Education ("ICLE") guidebooks; and for purposes of Ohio law, he has many guidebooks from LexisNexis and Westlaw.

If you are a lawyer and are interested in outsourcing an assignment to Attorney Kyle Bristow, please contact him at your convenience.