Business Law

There are many challenges and pitfalls associated with the creation or management of a small business:   corporate filings and tax documents are drafted and filed with state and federal government; a registered agent must be used; a business operating agreement should be drafted; business owners enter into written or oral contracts with suppliers, employees, and customers that need to be drafted, reviewed, and negotiated; businesses have to comply with state and federal laws that pertain to, among other things, employment practices; a terms of use agreement must be drafted for the business’ website; employment applications that comply with state and federal law must be drafted; employee handbooks need to be created; ownership rights in the business may be created or transferred to other people or businesses; and a business may be sued by customers, suppliers, government agencies, or employees.

A businessman who creates or runs a business without having a general counsel available to assist him is playing with fire and could very well be exposing himself to the prospect of financial ruin.  It is best to hire a lawyer who practices in the area of business law so as to limit the likelihood of problems arising.

If you are a current or future small business owner in need of an attorney to serve as your general counsel, please contact Attorney Kyle Bristow at your convenience.