Victim's Rights

Are you or someone you love a victim of a crime?  Would you like to know your legal options?

Hiring a lawyer is often advisable for victims of crimes, because a lawyer can guide victims through the legal process that often seems needlessly confusing and bureaucratic to laymen.  Many times victims are afraid to speak in court and would benefit emotionally to have a lawyer who can speak on their behalf.  A lawyer would also be able to analyze the situation so as to figure out whether the criminal can be sued by their victim.

For criminal cases that are high profile, it is often advisable for the victim or victim's family to retain a lawyer who can speak on their behalf for purposes of interviews with the media.  Kyle Bristow has extensive experience in drafting press releases and dealing with newspaper journalists and television news reporters.

As the victim of a crime, if you would like to make sure that your legal interests are protected and your story is accurately conveyed to the media, you should consider hiring a lawyer.  The government and criminal defendant are both represented by counsel—why should you not be as well?

Please contact our office if you are interested in speaking with an attorney regarding your rights as a victim of a crime.