Election Law

If you are a candidate for public office or have been elected to public office, you should consult with a lawyer who practices in the area of election or campaign law.  A politician likely needs an attorney to:
  • Draft or review proposed legislation
  • Research and advise on state and federal campaign finance laws, campaign registration requirements, lobbying endeavors, and state and federal criminal laws
  • Investigate or research the opposing candidate, his associates and associations, and the policies he or she advocates
  • Draft and negotiate contracts
  • Litigate matters, including attempts to get someone or something on or off the ballot or suing an interloper for defamation
Prior to becoming a lawyer, Kyle Bristow was heavily involved in politics and once worked as the special projects intern for the Virginia-based Leadership Institute, which teaches political technology.  As an intern, he attended training seminars that include:
  • Public Relations School
  • Future Candidate School
  • Political Voter Mail School
  • Public Speaking Workshop (1, 2, and 3)
  • Effective Television Techniques Workshop (1 and 2)
  • Youth Leadership School (“The Boot Camp of Politics”)
  • Student Publications Workshop (Basic and Advance)
  • Campus Election Workshop
Through his involvement in politics, Kyle Bristow has been involved in numerous local, state, and federal campaign efforts; has participated in public panel discussions and debates that coverer a multitude of subjects; and has been interviewed in major newspapers and television news programs.